"Disaster knows no borders ... neither should humanity"

Oct 8th – A devastating earthquake strikes South Asia leaving
at least 90,000 dead, and 3-4 million homeless.

TODAY - One month after the earthquake, many survivors in
remote areas are still in need of immediate relief and rehabilitation. A brutal Himalayan winter is approaching, a massive second wave of death is expected if help – shelter, supplies, medicine – doesn't reach survivors soon.

YOU can make a difference! Please attend!

A Benefit for the Survivors of the South Asian Earthquake

Saturday, November 19th, 7PM
Wheeler Auditorium
University of California Berkeley

Tickets: $10, $25, $50
(Children under 10 are free)

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100% of the proceeds go towards grassroots earthquake
relief efforts in Pakistan and India - specifically,
Edhi Foundation
(Pakistan), Sungi Development Foundation (Pakistan), & Association for India's Development's Jammu and Kashmir Fund (India).

For further information, please email beyondborders@ektaonline.org

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Farah Shaikh - Kathak Dance
Chhandam-Chitresh Das Dance Company

Shailja Patel - Spoken Word

Arshad Syed - Santoor
Shabi Farooq - Tabla

Rita Sahai - Hindustani Vocal
Vivek Anand & Ferhan Qureshi - Tabla

Kamal Hyder & Nasir Syed - Sitar Duet
Ferhan Qureshi -Tabla

Domestic Crusaders -
Pakistani American Theatre


Organized and Sponsored by

EKTA, Friends of South Asia, Narika
Association for the Development of Pakistan
Association for India's Development (Bay Area)
Chhandam-Chitresh Das Dance Company, Trikone
Center for South Asian Studies & Gender and Women's Studies Dept. (UCB)
Townsend Center Working Group on Muslim Identities & Cultures (UCB)
3rd I South Asian Films, Alliance of South Asians Taking Action
Bay Area Association of Muslim Lawyers (BAML)
Dept. of Cultural and Social Anthropology (CIIS)
Global Exchange, Indians for Collective Action, Indian Muslim Council - USA
Locus Arts, Manja.org, Organizing Youth
The International Organization of Pakistani Women Engineers (IOPWE)
The Organization of Pakistani Entrepreneurs of North America (OPEN)
PakistanLink, South Asian Law Students Association (UCB)
South Asian Law Students Association (UC Hastings)
South Asian American Leaders of Tomorrow (SAALT)
Women's Studies Dept. (SFSU), Badmash, Dhamaal
Chandni Restaurant, Kebab & Curry Restaurant
SEMAH Inc, Taj Mahal Imports, Zafran Restaurant


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